Russian Mulberry (HUGE) 6'-12' (Pick Up Only) 

Russian Mulberry (HUGE) 6'-12' (Pick Up Only) 

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*Due to size of the root ball, this store is set up to only accept 'Pick Up' orders for now.  Pick up locations in Saxapahaw, NC and Purcellville, VA (also possibly Hampton, Virginia) beginning December 10, 2019. For combined orders of $2000 or more, I may be willing to transport to you for the price of mileage. 


Russian Mulberry:  (Morus alba x tartarica) These trees were all budded at one point and the grafts failed, leaving me with 8 foot (on average) trees. These trees are 3 years old and have large root systems, making them very difficult to affordably ship in the mail. They are already producing fruit and are tall enough to be out of deer browse. These trees can double as rootstocks for fruiting cultivars as well as being pollarded for leaf production to feed livestock.  The leaves are highly digestible and nutritious with lots of protein. 

This is a hardy type of Morus alba which was introduced into the Western United States in 1875 by Russian Mennonites. It can easily tolerate zone 4b (can probably go zone 4a) up to zone 8b and is a smaller tree, growing 20-30 feet in height. Drought tolerant, dry soil tolerant, causes grafts to fruit earlier than if grafted to M. rubra. These trees were grown from seed and show tremendous variation. The fruits range from white to lavender to purple to black. Flavors range from interesting (vanilla honey) and complex (lots of acidity) to insipid (just sweet). Bark colors range from bright green to dark red.

This is a great deal for those wanting to get a jump start on planting out a silvopasture or agroforestry site, as deer fencing is not necessary due to the height of these trees. Trees sold will be dug end of November. 

1-199 @12 each
200+ @10 each
1000+ @8 each (for this volume, contact me at

For orders of 200 or more, topworking is available!!!   I am available to come out and topwork your trees to a desirable cultivar at whatever height you choose for $2/tree + travel and lodging in the months of March, April and May, depending on where your site is. If you are interested in this, send an email to:


**December pick-up gets first dibs. All trees remaining will be dug in March. These trees will be bare root, alive, well, and sleepily dormant by the time you pick them up. I am not responsible for anything that happens to them once they are in your control. **