HogTree's PigTwigs! Italian
HogTree's PigTwigs! Italian

HogTree's PigTwigs! Italian

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With salt, pepper and garlic as the main ingredients, the Italian PigTwig is made to supply you and friends/kids with easily shareable salamis that are perfectly sized to satiate hunger. Make your Nonna proud and pack these on your next outing, because they blow all other meat sticks away. 

5 sticks per package (package reads 2.5 oz, but they are actually 3.5 ounces), vacuum sealed

Store cool until ready to eat

Ingredients: Non-gmo pork, salt, dextrose, celery powder, white pepper, fermentation starter culture, and garlic powder in a natural lamb casing. 

What separates these salamis from other brands? These salamis are made from  100% non-gmo pasture-raised pork from heritage breed pigs. All profits go towards supporting a repository that collects fruit and nut cultivars selected to offset livestock feed costs. We're planting orchards for animals!

All HogTree sales go towards purchasing land for a tree crops repository