Dealing with a newly grafted mulberry tree

How to deal with your newly grafted mulberry tree:


1.) It is wrapped in buddy tape. Have no fear, this tape will not girdle the tree. It is designed to allow buds to swell and pop through while holding the graft in place. Do not attempt to unwrap this, as doing so may result in damage to the graft.

2.) Plant it in a pot or in the ground. If put in a pot, dappled shade is the best location for it. If in the ground, you can plant your mulberry as deep as you’d like. You can either choose to have the graft be fully above ground, or to submerge it partially in the ground.

3.) Make sure the roots on this tree are not circling around the hole you dug. For best results, put a small mound of dirt in the bottom of your hole and drape the roots around it. Then water, fill, water, fill, water.

4.) Give it plenty of water when planting the tree/after it is planted and mulch it to keep in moisture/deter weeds. They require the equivalent of 1"-2" rain per week. 

5.) Add a cage to protect the tree from browse. Everything likes to eat mulberries.

6.) These trees will very likely grow a huge amount this year. Adding a stake is a good idea, to support their growth. You may also consider pruning them once they reach 5 feet to keep them from blowing out their gafts.

7.) These trees have not been treated with any chemicals, so they are at the mercy of mother nature. Choose to protect them as you see fit, given your spectrum of ethics.