Castanea seguinii, the Everbearing Chestnut:  10 seeds
Castanea seguinii, the Everbearing Chestnut:  10 seeds

Castanea seguinii, the Everbearing Chestnut: 10 seeds

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This package is 10 C. seguinii seeds. They have all started to germinate so I will send them asap in some light potting mix. Plant them upon arrival. I cannot guarantee that some percentage won't be a hybrid. But you'll know very soon, as seguins are precocious (often flowering in their second year from seed) and flower continuously, unlike the hybrids (as far as we know). 

What's a Seguin chestnut? It is a smaller chestnut tree, though sometimes that isn't the case. If I were to space them in an orchard, the final spacing might be something like 25 x 25 as compared to 40 x 40 of larger chestnut trees. Like most Chinese Chestnuts, there are three small nuts per bur and very tasty once cured. The size of the nuts are excellent for wildlife or livestock (such as pigs or turkeys) rather than for fresh markets.  The tree is incredibly precocious (often bearing in year 2) and due to its ever-flowering nature, it will produce nuts for however long there is pollen, brandishing a necklace of burs along the stem. 

They are marginally hardy to zone 6a/6b. And when I say marginally hardy, they will die back to the ground and then fruit on first year re-growth, much like a fig. 

The Story: 

In November of 2019, I sat on the floor of the Chestnut Queen's house (Dr. Sandy Anagnostakis) flipping through one of her books about chestnuts. In it, I encountered a photo of an everbearing chestnut from China. I asked her if she knew of any and she told me that the Connecticut Experimental Research Station had one, but it was marginally hardy and died back to the ground every winter, producing only a few nuts. She and others told me of a breeding program in Alabama that had developed several very impressive trees that dropped nuts from Early September until frost.

It took me and Taylor Malone nearly 2 years to track the remains of the only US Seguin breeding program down after a huge number of dead ends. Ask a question about the remnants of this orchard and 99% of people will say it was cut down.  

In 2020, we found the remaining Seguin trees from this breeding program and I invited knowledgeable chestnut friends to come along on a fall reconnaissance mission to evaluate these trees and others that had been left behind. We now call ourselves "The Seguin Society." 

The Seguin Society reconvened again in 2021 and the conditions were literally shitty. It POURED down rain the entire time we were there and since cattle are allowed in this orchard, pools of water turned into pools of shit, with little chestnuts dropping all the while. Don't complain to me about the price of these seeds until you've driven 1000 miles only to submerge yourself in poo ;-)