Davis Pawpaw Seed (5 Seeds)

Davis Pawpaw Seed (5 Seeds)

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5 Perfectly Cleaned Seeds (No Pellicle!)

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This is a wild selection from Corwin Davis in Bellville, Michigan. Mr. Davis was quite possibly the first Pawpaw enthusiast/expert in the United States and many pawpaw genetics today come from his selections and collection. He has been quoted in the North American Fruit Explorer's POMONA journal as saying there is a 1 in 1000 chance of finding a pawpaw worthy of cultivation in the wild. Davis was his first find in 1959. 

The fruit is medium-large sized with a better-than-wild flesh to seed ratio. The flesh is yellow, sweet and high quality. It is one of our earliest ripening varieties and Mr. Corwin Davis had this to say about it in 1961:

"There was much heavy fruit set on Davis, a third had to be removed. In spite of this, Davis trees continue to produce about 75 lbs. each, with individual fruits weighing up to 10 ounces."

The tree is hardy to zone 4b (thrives where I am in zone 7a) and anyone trying to grow pawpaws in zone 4b or warmer should give this a try along with seedlings from PA Golden as it's pollination partner. Grafted trees are far less hardy and these seeds tend to come up 80% true to parentage.