Hicks Everbearing Mulberry: Newly Grafted Tree

Hicks Everbearing Mulberry: Newly Grafted Tree

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The Hicks Everbearing Mulberry is the celebrated mulberry of the American South, once heralded for its use as a poultry and hog feed. Compared to the Illinois Everbearing or Stubbs Everbearing (which I've yet to find), the Hicks is a prodigious bearer, producing a peck (half bushel) of mulberries per day for 60 straight days in the South. The deeper South you go, the longer it bears, with accounts of this tree bearing fruits for 4-5 months in Louisiana.

Back before the onslaught of industrial agriculture, when pigs and poultry were raised outside, it was said that a "10 year old tree ought to support a pig 4 to 6 months old during the tree's fruit season. As the tree gets older, 15 to 20 years old, if it has had good attention and has grown well, then it ought to support two or three pigs at the same age as mentioned above." -J. Russell Smith's Tree Crops: A Perennial Agriculture . 

The mulberry leaves themselves have been said to be gobbled up by hogs nearly as fast as the mulberries once they drop at the end of the season. Plant 40 to an acre to allow for large trees, double or triple that if you'd like to coppice in-between trees for spring leaf hay to feed your hogs (ours love it). 

The Hicks' whereabouts were first brought to The Fruit Explorers attention by Dr. David Shields, for whom we are greatly appreciative. The positive ID on Hicks comes from Dr. A.J. Bullard, former president of NAFEX and botanical wiz. He knew the grandson of the man who planted these Hicks back in 1850. To our knowledge, there are only 6 trees remaining in the US. We're here to change that. 

A newly grafted Hicks Tree consists of the following:

1.) Morus Alba Rootstock, bare root (but wrapped in moist newspaper and plastic wrap)

2.) Hicks Everbearing Mulberry grafted to the rootstock

3.) Graft union wrapped in Buddy Tape (the best possible grafting tape out there to my knowledge)

4.) Guaranteed* swollen buds before shipment

Hicks will be grafted in March/April and Shipped in April/May, depending on your location. 


*I guarantee the buds to be swollen by the time it arrives at your house. I am not responsible for neglect, weather, or any other unforseen circumstance which may result in the Hicks scion dying.*