Online Grafting Master Class (February-Mid April)

Online Grafting Master Class (February-Mid April)

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Want to learn how to graft but you don't have the ability to go to an in-person workshop? Don't have the supplies? Fear not! This package has you covered:

  • A 1-hour long, one-on-one grafting class. Just you (and whomever is behind your computer screen- could be a party) and me, on whichever platform you prefer (Skype, Google Voice, FaceTime). 
  • 2 rootstocks (mulberry, apple, or persimmon)
  • 2 sticks of desirable  scionwood (mulberry, apple or persimmon)
  • Several sticks of practice wood
  • Victorinox Grafting Knife
  • Parafilm Grafting Tape 

After purchasing the package, I'll contact you with booking dates and a list of pre-lesson resources. Shortly before our session, you will receive the grafting supplies in the mail. After receipt, I teach you how to graft and will be at your mercy to answer any and all questions you might have. 

*You will need a pair of hand pruners before this class*